Bluejeans Video Conferencing Uganda

Bluejeans Conferencing Known for it High-Quality HD Video Communications and its adaptability with Different Room System Solutions. BlueJeans Network is a company that provides an interoperable cloud-based video conferencing service that connects participants across a wide range of devices and conferencing platforms. It is headԛuartered in Mountain View, CA. Blujeans Video Conference can connects many users across different devices, platforms and conference programs. Every BlueJeans member has a private “meeting room” in the BlueJeans cloud to schedule and host conference meetings.

Bluejeans Conferencing in Uganda brings together business conferencing solutions like Cisco, Microsoft Lync, Lifesize, Logitech, Grandstream, Yealink and Polycom. The Support for H.323 and SIP Protocol ensure high incorporeality. BlueJeans Cloud conferencing is best known for bridging room-based video conference services with consumer options. Blujeans ensure the video conferencing as easy as audio conferencing systems. Bluejeans solution is known for work with any video call software or technology, including smartphones and browser. This allows it to bridge between non-room-based videoconference services as well, regardless of the device or service used. In simple words bluejeans, video conferencing system enhances and improvise your existing video conferencing hardware. Yealink Video Conferencing and Grandstream Video Conferencing Systems offer direct connectivity to Blujeans Cloud. The Common packages of Blujeans will not allow this. It should be bluejeans room system package.

Bluejeans Cloud Video Conferencing & Collaboration Tools

One of the biggest problems large-scale enterprises face is finding effective ways to share content and collaborate in real-time across multiple time zones and geographic locations. As a result, ideas take a while to get fleshed out, and decisions get pushed back. For enterprise companies looking to reduce those gaps and delays, cloud video conferencing is changing their day to day operations, both internally and externally. From sharing content in a high-resolution format to discuss the latest project updates, Blue Jeans is there every step of the way.

bluejeans conferencing distributor UgandaShare Content in HD

Discuss an action item or deliverable directly with your clients for real-time feedback, or collaborate with your internal team on a particular phase of a project. Blue Jeans lets users share their works-in-progress or polished documents in real-time 1080p resolution. If your company’s idea of collaboration involves convoluted email threads and a clunky internal chat client, you’ll be blown away by the difference in productivity that direct, face-to-face discussion provides. Reach solutions as if you were in a physical conference room, without the hassle of getting there.

Record and Archive

You know a good idea when you see it. Instead of scrambling to jot down notes when important information or content is shared, record your meeting to your Blue Jeans cloud video conferencing account for later review and sharing. With our Enhanced Meeting Recording feature, users can share a meeting recording via a single URL, allowing the recipient to watch through their browser window. If you missed the meeting, you don’t have to worry about missing any of the details.

Dual Streaming

Seeing a colleague or client’s face when discussing shared content is vital to understanding their honest reactions and thoughts. 64% of people agree that face-to-face connections with colleagues helped build a relationship. Another 91% of business people believe that face-to-face video conferencing helps them understand the discussion more clearly. Blue Jeans offers dual-stream support so the video feed of the presenter and the content being shared both stay in clear view. Adjust each window as you need and stay engaged in the conversation.

Zoom in on the Small Stuff

Cloud video conferencing in Uganda gets a bad rap for poor picture ԛuality and unstable connections. While Blue Jeans can’t solve your connection problems, we can ensure high ԛuality video as long as the Internet connection’s able. We also know that content can be hard to view, even in a clear resolution format, which is why we’ve added a zoom capability feature, allowing users to hone in on any area of content to get a better look. Perfect for small-font technical documents or busy marketing slides, zero in on the details to form your well-thought-out opinions.

Easy Remote Collaboration with Cloud Video Conferencing

Is your business powered strictly behind company walls? What happens when employees head to trade shows, stay home for a sick kid, or are traveling to meet clients? Your organization’s engine shouldn’t come to a halt because employees are elsewhere. Choosing a cloud video conferencing service over older hardwired systems to allow employees to touch base from any location, so they can keep up to speed and continue to contribute and collaborate with the rest of the team.

Enabling No Walls Video Collaboration

Share important video clips and other content from your hotel room, train, airport terminal, coffee shop or wherever you may be, with Blue Jeans Rich Content Sharing. For larger files like HD videos and slideshows, users can preload files to their personal account to prepare for the meeting ahead of time.

Avoid troubleshooting file conversions to different formats with Blue Jeans’ comprehensive support for all standard file types. See your external collaborators in crystal clear 1080p resolution. Blue Jeans dual steam technology keeps the presenter and the content they’re sharing in plain sight crisp image ԛuality. And with options to scale the window layout, you can adjust your view as you see fit.

Your Data Anywhere You Are

Blue Jeans Meeting recording feature lets users record content, presentations, and tutorials at a moment’s notice. Because Blue Jeans lives in the cloud, all recordings can be securely stored in your Blue Jeans account for easy reference or sharing whenever you need. Don’t worry about bogging down your laptop with video files, or bringing an external hard drive on the road. Blue Jeans enables users to document important events and store them in the cloud. The Enhanced Recording add-on feature makes sharing easy. Send a single URL that’ll stream the recording from any browser window. Never miss an important meeting again with Blue Jeans Meeting Recording.

Blujeans Conferencing Pricing

Blujeans Video Conferencing in Uganda can categorize into two types. Room system cloud conferencing and User Cloud Conferencing. The User system can buy directly from bluejeans website. But the room system provider with Authorised partners. As a Leading distributor of bluejeans conferencing in the middle east, we offer our customers with professional implementation and rock bottom prices. Bluejeans Room system can support both SIP Protocol and H.323. Blujeans room video conferencing system ensures productive and professional video meetings that work seamlessly with your existing, room systems, workplace tools for better collaboration. Currently, we carry Grandstream and Yealink Video Conferencing hardware which provides direct connectivity with Bluejeans cloud. Call us today to get more details.