Dect Phones- Wireless IP Phones
The Dect Phones and wireless phone free your office space and employees with mobility. The Dect Wireless phones give the advantage of moving around and still connected to office telephone network while you are roaming around the manufacturing floor,  conference room, Ware House, storage or across a large campus. You will never miss an important call even you are not on the desk.
The Cordless wireless DECT phones are having many benefits compared to the wired office when it comes to business. Wireless phones give flexibility in the communication process. It can enhance your collaboration depend on the type of organization. Previously DECT phones or wireless phones less attractive because of its lack of features and limited functionality.  The Modern Dect phones from Grandstream, Gigaset, Panasonic, and Avaya overcome these challenges. Many features are available in office phones available in office DECT phones. Such as conference calls, Large Phone Book, Caller ID, Call Mangement, Call Transfer and Call Hold.

We offer IP Dect phones work under Dect frequency as well as wireless phones work under standard office wifi network. Both can provide excellent sound quality and excellent communication parameters. One of the key points in DECT phone is the capability to expand. As your employee’s increases, you may want to increase the number of phones as well as its coverage. Our direct phone solutions allow your business to expand seamlessly as well as increase the coverage. We also carry DECT phone solutions for a huge campus which required substantial decent network coverage and seamless handover. The Hanover enable the user to roam around freely without worrying about which base station they are connected to.  These DECT phone solution can hand over the calls to the next available base station without interrupting the call.
We carry DECT phone Solution from several reputed Brands. We offer Gigaset Dect Phones, RTX Dect Phones, Grandstream Dect phones, and Yealink Dect Phones. We offer products IP Telephone Systems as well as standard analog telephone System. Our IP Dect phones are SIP Protocol supported, which enable it to use with most of the modern office communication systems.

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Gigaset A540 IP Dect Phone Kampala Uganda

Gigaset A540 IP Uganda

Gigaset A540 IP is revolutionary Dect Phone solution designed for both home users and business users. It is a combination of base station and Dect phone [ A540H]. The A540 IP Dect Phone support both analog line, as well as SIP Protocol, supported IP Telephony. The Dect phone offer 1.8“ black and white display and backlight.The A540IP Support 2 concurrent calls either from an analog line or IP PBX. The HD Codec ensure high-quality audio communication. You can expand your DECT network up to 6 handsets.

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GRANDSTREAM DECT DP750 / 720 Kampala Uganda


Gradstream Uganda offering new hands-free phones for offices and homes in Uganda. We provide Granstream DP750 Dect base and DP720 Dect Phones in Uganda. DP750/ 720 is the next generation of powerful, affordable, high quality and simple to configure VoIP DECT phones for small business and residential users. Their compact size, superb voice quality, rich feature set, market leading price performance and wide range radio coverage enable consumers to maximize the power of IP voice application and mobility for a minimum investment. DP720/750 is SIP and DECT compliant and field proved for flexible deployment. VDSAE is the largest provider of IP phones in Uganda.

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Grandstream DP722 Kampala Uganda

Grandstream DP722 Uganda

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Grandstream DP730 Kampala Uganda

Grandstream DP730 Uganda

Grandstream DP730 in Uganda designed for employee or user mobility and suited for homes, offices, warehouses, and factories. The DP730 offer high-quality audio communications with high-end performance. The DP730 IS used with grandstream Dect base stations DP750 and DP752. Up to 5 numbers of DP 730 can use with the base station.DP730 Dect Phone provides 2.4-inch color display, HD Audio, Up to 10 SIP Users in One Handset and  3.5 MM headset Jack. This office DECT phone offers a blazing 40 hours talk time and range of 50 meters indoor and 400 meters outdoor while used with DP752 Base.

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Grandstream DP752 Base Kampala Uganda

Grandstream DP752 Uganda

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Grandstream WP820 WIFI Phone Kampala

Grandstream WP820 Uganda

Grandstream WP820 Wifi IP Phone in Uganda designed for easy mobility. The Grandstream WP820 enables you to roam around the building even across the entire campus. WP820 Communicate with the IP PBX Threw  Integrated dual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi support. High-quality audio is supported with wide-band voice codecs such as Opus. The WP820 Is an Android Wifi Dect Phone with 2 SIP Accounts and 2 Line support.

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Yealink DD10K Dect Dongle Kampala

Yealink DD10K Dect Dongle Uganda

Yealink DD10K is a Dect USB Dongle can use with many Yealink office phones and convert it to Dect network. This dongle enables you with Dect connectivity and expands Desk phone with additional Dect Phones. It can provide a Dect wireless coverage of 50 m indoor and 300m outdoor.

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Yealink Rt30 Uganda

Yealink RT30 Kampala, Uganda

The Yealink RT30 Kampala, Uganda displays clear signals with clear LED lights. The Yealink RT30 has an elegant design that fits perfectly in any office and matches any modern business environment.

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yealink w41p wireless phone uganda

Yealink W41P Uganda

Yealink W41P Wireless Desk Phone designed for clean office with minimum cabling gutters and easy deployment. The W41P offer exceptional call quality for your office communications. The W41P uses DECT technology for communications through the Dect dongle DD10K. It can pair with any Yealink DECT base station. The Phone is coming with a 2.7″ graphical LCD screen with backlight. It also supports 2 concurrent calls at a time.

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Yealink W52H Dect Phone Kampala Uganda

Yealink W52H Uganda

The Yealink W52H Uganda VoIP DECT cordless handset that can be combined with a Yealink W52P DECT base station. Up to 4 additional W52H handsets can be attached with one base giving increased mobility and freedom to users.The model supports freedom of movement and multi-tasking convenience important to small businesses. This set combines the benefits of wireless communication with rich business features of Voice over IP telephony.The very best decision is to to select Yealink IP Phones Uganda  with your choice of Yealink IP Phones models. Contact us for Yealink  Phones Uganda and Yealink IP Phone installation anywhere in Kampala.


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Yealink W52H Dect Phone Kampala Uganda

Yealink W52P Uganda

The Yealink W52P Uganda is really an HD DECT Voice over internet protocol telephone system which includes the telephone as well as a base station. The W52P DECT coverage is 150 ft inside, 950 ft outdoors and could be paired with as many as 5 dect phones [W52H] which makes it a great match for spaces where mobility is essential. Yealink IP DECT W52P is a SIP Cordless Phone that’s designed for small business users who are looking for immediate cost savings with scalability and efficiency. The high-quality TFT colour display provides a clear view from all angles and the high definition speaker phone ensures clear handsfree communication. The SIP-W52P supports 4 simultaneous calls per base and offers professional features including intercom, transfer, 3-way conferencing and speed dial. It also works with well known brand platforms including Broadsoft, Asterisk and 3CX and supports quick and easy configuration.

The very best decision for your company is to select Yealink IP Phones Uganda  with the selection of Yealink IP Phones models. You have to call us for Yealink  Phones Uganda and Grandstream IP Phone installation everywhere in Kampala.


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Yealink W53H Kampala Uganda

Yealink W53H Dect Phone Uganda

Yealink W53H Dect Phone is a combined package of W53H Handset and W53P Base Station. This combination allows you to add a total of 8 W53H optional Handsets in the Dect network . The W53H Dect Phone support 2 concurrent calls, 3 Way Conference, 100 contact phone book and remote phone book. It is a high-performance Dect phone designed for small to medium business with 18 hrs talk time and 200 hours standby time. It offers a range of 300 meters outdoor and 50 meters while using indoor.

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Yealink W53P Dect Kampala Uganda

Yealink W53P Uganda

Yealink W53P Dect Phone System is a combined package of W53H Handset and W60B Base Station. This combination allows you to add a total of 8 W53H optional Handsets in the Dect network and support up to 8 concurrent calls. One Dect phone under this network support 2 concurrent calls. It is a high-performance Dect wireless Telephone system designed for small to medium business. You can further increase the Dect wireless coverage by adding up to 5 repeaters. It offers a range of 300 meters outdoor and 50 meters while using indoor.

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Yealink W56H Uganda

Yealink W56H Uganda

Yealink W56H Dect expansion handset in Uganda enables workspaces with mobile SIP VoIP communication. Yealink W56H is not a stand-alone DECT phone. It requires a Yealink W56P base station to provide network and communications connectivity . A handset that uses the secure DECT protocol, the W56H has a bright 240 x 320 pixel coloring LCD with a simple to operate interface. Get up to 30 hours of talk hour or 400 hours of standby hour with this wireless handset. The advanced audio features including wideband audio and enhancements like acoustic echo cancellation, Yealink’s handset is designed for the offices of today.

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Yealink W56P Uganda

Yealink W56P  Uganda

Yealink W56P in Uganda is a DECT Phone System that widens mobility for your VoIP deployment. Yealink W56P Dect Phone comes with one W56H DECT handset and one W52H base station, which allows you to connect up to 5 no of  W56H handsets per base station.  The cordless VoIP system can handle up to 4 calls simultaneously. The W56P handsets have a maximum wireless range of 50 meters indoors or 300 meters outdoors.Yealink W56P Supports total of 5 Voip accounts.

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Yealink W80 Uganda

Yealink W80 Kampala, Uganda

The Yealink W80 is a DECT IP multi-cell base station, designed to provide the organisations who require wireless coverage with the full ease of deployment. Combined with DECT base station and DECT manager, this Yealink DECT multi-cell system intends to create an extremely scalable and reliable solution for organisations of any size.

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Yealink W80b Uganda

Yealink W80B Kampala, Uganda

The Yealink W80B DECT base station is easy to set up and deploy even for users who are not currently using a multicast solution. The IP address of the Yealink W80B can be easily accessed for the phone saving users’ time. The Yealink W80B is great for large-scale deployments as it is easily installed and configured into the system. Yealink’s DECT IP Multi-Cell Deployment Toolkit rapidly confirm the location of any Yealink W80B base station, making it a breeze to manage all base stations. The DECT IP Multi-Cell System Yealink W80B supports DM, DM-Base, and Base mode. Additionally, theYealink W80B supports local directory, remote phonebook, LDAP, and XML phonebooks among others.

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