Grandstream GXP2130 Uganda


Grandstream GXP2130 Uganda

The Grandstream GXP2130 Uganda IP Phone  is an advanced phone with three lines support, 2.8 inch TFT Color LCD, 4 XML programmable sensitive soft keys and 8 BLF extension keys.


Grandstream GXP2130 IP Phone Uganda

The Grandstream GXP2130 Uganda is an advanced phone with three lines support, 2.8 inch TFT Color LCD, 4 XML programmable sensitive soft keys and 8 BLF extension keys. You can enjoy the excellent speed of the network because the phone features dual Gigabit network ports and built-in PoE. It enables you to arrange 4-way voice conferencing and Electronic Hook Switch (EHS). Superior HD audio quality on the speakerphone and headset will help you to make numerous calls without any trouble. Grandstream GXP2130 Uganda offers advanced security protection for the privacy and the broad interoperability with 3rd party SIP devices and SIP, NGN, and IMS platforms. This fully functional phone is a perfect choice for the users looking to make high-quality calls.


Some key features and characteristics of the Grandstream GXP2130 Uganda are:

  • 3 line support
  • Four context-sensitive soft keys for easy programming
  • 8 BLF extension keys to program your phone
  • Provides support for G.722 color LCD
  • Dual Gigabit RJ45 Ports
  • Built-in auto sensing IEEE 802.3 of Power on Ethernet
  • Universal power supply is available
  • RJ9 headset ports
  • Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) with Plantronics headsets
  • Manual and datasheet is available with the help of users

The Grandstream GXP2130 Uganda is excellent for customer service representative and other business users. It supports multiple lines, and the user can make more than one calls at a time. It is strong choice to use in the public places and lobbies. Its programmable keys help you to program each and every function of the phone, according to your choice

Quick Connections and Crystal-Clear Audio Calls

The quick connections and crystal-clear audio calls are the most important factor to consider while purchasing any VoIP phone. It will be an excellent choice for you because the Grandstream GXP2130 Uganda offers quick connection up to 1000mb/second. You can make quick calls and go through the pages. It will make you as productive as possible.

Built-in Features

The phone can be quickly configured on the UCM6100 series because the setup may allow you to do it in a few minutes. The user can remotely manage the whole setup, and you can get the benefits of instant call recording, CDR, voicemail, forwarding mail and LDAP phonebooks. The phone has a built-in facility to record up to 2000 contacts. The LDAP phone files can be downloaded on the Grandstream GXP2130 Uganda.

Modernize Your Desktop

If you are looking for a versatile setup, then you can opt for this phone. The phone will enhance your experience, and its excellent color display will increase the usability. Its visual experience is quite similar to the mobile phones, and it is easy and eye-pleasing phone to use. The broad interoperability makes it compatible with all major SIP providers like Broadsoft, Asterisk, Elastix and Metaswitch. You can deploy Grandstream GXP2130 IP Phone easily without changing your platform. You can get the benefits of additional features as well, such as 1-touch call recording, voicemail and lots of other features. It is excellent for all business users because they can handle heavy calls with it.